“Stats 101” Class at Title One in Meridian – 1940 S Bonito Way #190. 1/15/20 10-11:45am

4 12 2019

Stats 101: An Introduction to Webb Charts and Real Estate Statistics

New to Webb Charts or real estate statistics?  Join Jere Webb for an introductory session just prior to the Noon analytics “Boom or Bust?” Webb Chart Class.

  • Learn why a successful Realtor should be using statistics with clients
  • 73 Charts for Ada County and 53 for Canyon, Why so many charts? Learn how to customize usage for a client
  • Getting comfortable with the basics – chart pictures that tell a quick & compelling story
  • Mean vs. Median
  • Selling Odds – different ways to calculate them determined by objectives
  • “5X Market Pricing Shortcut”
  • The “Cost per square foot” dilemma
  • Hints for newer agents

1/15/20 special feature:  Yuri Blanco, ReMax Executives Broker, will demonstrate how she uses Webb  Charts with clients.

This is a FREE Class presented by Jere Webb and is not for continuing education credit.

January 15, 2020 “Stats 101” Class Registration (Title One in Meridian – 1940 S Bonito Way. 10-11:45am)

1 12 2019
  1. Blanco, Yuri     ReMax Executives
  2. Brown, Tami     Silvercreek
  3. Bruner, Kyle     ReMax Executives
  4. Burchfield, Vicki     Silvercreek
  5. Burroughs, Tim     ReMax Executives
  6. Busby, Al     Coldwell Banker
  7. Childs, Sasha     Silvercreek
  8. Crace, Isaac     Top Idaho
  9. Edwards, David   Keller Williams
  10. Ellis, Karen     Coldwell Banker
  11. Filbert, Natalie     Mountain Realty
  12. Humphrey, Darrell     Silvercreek
  13. Jockumsen, Zac     Catalyst Group
  14. Mallane, Jody     Boise Premier
  15. McAtee, Kevin     Let’s Move Idaho
  16. Mendenhall, Molly     Group One
  17. Reid, Madi     Woodhouse Group
  18. Rhyne, Kelly     208 Real Estate
  19. Rudolph, Krista     Genesis
  20. Schultz, Bill     Schultz Appraisals
  21. Uhlenhoff, Cyndi     Anfield

January 15, 2020 Analytics Chart Class Registration (Title One in Meridian – 1940 S Bonito Way 12-3pm Lunch included)

1 12 2019
  1. Blanco, Yuri      RE/Max Executives
  2. Brown, Tami     Silvercreek
  3. Bruner, Kyle     ReMax Executives
  4. Burchfield, Darrell      Downs
  5. Burchfield, Laurie      Downs
  6. Burchfield, Vicki     Silvercreek
  7. Burns, Misty     Silvercreek
  8. Burroughs, Tim      ReMax Executives
  9. Busby, Al     Coldwell Banker
  10. Childs, Sasha     Silvercreek
  11. Christianson, Jeff     G2
  12. Crace, Isaac     Top Idaho
  13. Delbridge, Faye     Trust
  14. Downs, Debi     Downs
  15. Edwards, David     Keller Williams
  16. Ellis, Karen     Coldwell Banker
  17. Emery, John     Silvercreek
  18. Enrico, Andy     Enrico
  19. Filbert, Natalie     Mountain
  20. Hancock, Deanna     Genesis
  21. Harrison, Brandon     Silvercreek
  22. Humphrey, Darrell     Silvercreek
  23. McCauley, Todd     C21 Eagle Rock
  24. McFarland, Don     ReMax Executives
  25. Meikle, Bob     Meikle Land Development
  26. Nielsen, David     Silvercreek
  27. Nussbaum, Gail      Coldwell Banker Tomlinson
  28. Re, Bill      Silvercreek
  29. Rudolph, Krista     Genesis
  30. Schultz, Bill     Schultz Appraisal
  31. Torelli, Guy     Torelli
  32. Vreeland, Georgia     Idaho RE Associates
  33. Webb, Julene     Group One

July 25, 2018 Analytics Chart Class at Title One in Meridian 2pm-4pm (Updated 071818)

6 06 2018



  1. Alexander, Liz   John L Scott
  2. Bass, Bob   John L Scott
  3. Bishop, Scott      KW
  4. Blanco, Yuri      RE/Max Executives
  5. Bruner, Kyle      RE/MAX West
  6. Burchfield, Darrell      Downs
  7. Burchfield, Laurie      Downs
  8. Burroughs, Tim      EXP
  9. Caporale, Steven      Accel
  10. Chamness, Jason      Silvercreek
  11. Choudeck, Debbie      Gold Star
  12. DiMattio, Ricky Woyak
  13. Dodge, Tressa      Woodhouse
  14. Ellis, Karen     Coldwell Banker
  15. Emery, John      Silvercreek
  16. Enrico, Andy      Andy Enrico
  17. Hancock, Deanna      Genesis
  18. Hartnett, Heidi   Front Street
  19. Humphrey, Darrell     Silvercreek
  20. Kailer, Mark      Silvercreek
  21. McFarland, Don      Re/Max West
  22. Meloy, Susan      Group One Boise
  23. Minegar, Ron      Accel
  24. Naylor, Burma      Silvercreek
  25. Nussbaum, Gail      Coldwell Banker Tomlinson
  26. Re, Bill      Silvercreek
  27. Rudolph, Krista      Genesis
  28. Smith, Sheila      RE/MAX Capital City
  29. Talbert, Pat     Woyak
  30. Trimble, Judy   Woodhouse Group
  31. Vargas, Savy   SRG
  32. Weber, Jonna   Silvercreek
  33. Welch, Michelle   John L Scott


July 25, 2018 “Stats 101” Class at Title One in Meridian. 12:30pm – 1:45pm (Updated 071818)

6 06 2018
  1. Alexander, Liz   John L Scott
  2. Blanco, Yuri     ReMax Executives
  3. Brown, Michael     Available
  4. Bruner, Kyle     RE?MAX West
  5. Burroughs, Tim     EXP
  6. Caporale, Steven     Accel
  7. Cronin, Christie     Homes of Idaho
  8. Curry, Andy     Coldwell Banker
  9. DiMattio, Ricky     Woyak
  10. Dodge, Tressa     Woodhouse
  11. Hancock, Deanna     Genesis
  12. Hinck, Brent     Silvercreek
  13. Pyles, Ward   Homes of Idaho
  14. Rudolph, Krista     Genesis
  15. Sandovol, Marivelle     Homes of Idaho
  16. Smith, Sheila     RE/MAX Capital City
  17. Trimble, Judy   Woodhouse Group
  18. Vargas, Savy   SRG
  19. Weber, Jonna     Silvercreek
  20. Welch, Michelle   John L Scott
  21. Yahr, Denver     Trust
  22. Zweigle, Jason     Silvercreek
  23. Zweigle, Krisy     Silvercreek

Treasure Valley Real Estate Market Update – February 2018

7 02 2018
Save the Date:  Wednesday, July 25 Chart Classes at Title One in Meridian.
Headline:  January Market Takes Off like a ROCKET!
Current Month’s Chart Access:
 1.  Select “Webb Charts” tab on the top strip, then “log in to Webb Charts.”  Username always stays the same but the password changes monthly on or about the 6 – 8th.
 2.  Username: jerewebb
 3.  Password: 
 4.  You may then choose to download one of 3 PDF file options.
Color Code:  This is the Title Background so you won’t miss it!
Blue = Buyers Only
Silver = Sellers Only
Yellow = Both
  January 2018 Inside Scoop – Ada County
If you like to keep score 12 vs. 4 :o)
(I am only counting an item as “Positive” if the first part is in bold)
Positive News in in Bold
1.  Sales are down 26% from last month, 11% UP from this same month last year.  Strong Close for the year  Chart A3 
2.  Pending sales are UP 15% from last month, UP 34% from a year ago. Chart A47, A48, & A49.
3.  The dollar volume was down 23% from last month and 35% up from this same month last year.  Chart A5  
4.  Year to date sales units UP 11% from a year ago Chart A4.  The year to date dollar volume is 35% higher this year.  Wow!!!.  Chart A6.  
5.  New Construction Median price up 3% this month – and a 18% Increase from this same month last year.  Big swings in new construction stats since we are dealing with such small numbers of houses sold!  Chart A9
6.  Resale Median UP 1% this month – and a 15% increase from this same month last year.  Record low 01/11 at $126,500.  Chart A12.
7.  Resale Affordability Unchanged– now 23%.  Jan. 2005 when I started tracking Affordability it took 18% of a median income to buy a median priced resale home at the then current Freddie Mac interest rate PITI.  06/06 was the high (most Unaffordable!) at 29%  Record for the most “affordable month” 01/12 at 13%.  Interest Rates have climber 27 basis points in just the last month! Charts A39, A40, and A41.
8.  Inventory is down 17% from last month and 14% lower than last year at this time.  This a NEW RECORD LOW since I have started tracking in 1999!  Charts A16 & A17
9.  New Construction inventory Down– 761 from 840 last month.  Last year at this time there were 816 new homes for sale.  Record high 09/06 at 1890!  Record low  06/13 at 494 but it has surged up since then.  I have only been tracking it since January of 2005; so 6/13 is at least a 9 year low for New Construction inventory in Ada County! Chart A19
10.  Resale inventory is Down. – 424 from 582 last month.   Last year at this time there were 555 resale homes for sale!!!.  July 2008 was the all time record high at 3920!   January 2018 is the NEW LOW Point in resale inventory at 424.  This is at least an 18 Year Low!  Good News for Builders!  Lack of inventory is forcing more new construction activity.  Chart A21
To get the complete “inside Scoop” along with full access to over 100 charts published monthly, go to jerewebb.com and become a subscriber!

Webb Charts Class – January 17, 2018

19 12 2017

Title One – Meridian  2-4pm

Current Registration List:  (Updated 1.16.18)

  1. Alexander, Liz     John L Scott
  2. Arnadottir, Hafdis   Coldwell Banker
  3. Barela, Diana     Silverhawk
  4. Bruner, Kyle     Re/Max West
  5. Busby, Al     Coldwell Banker
  6. Cady, Bill   Today’s
  7. Choudeck, Debbie   Gold Star
  8. DiMattio, Ricky     Woyak
  9. Dobbs, Reg     Re/Max Executives
  10. Dusenbury, Randall   Atova
  11. Ellis, Karen   Coldwell Banker
  12. Enrico, Andy     Andy Enrico
  13. Fitzsimmons, Tom     Preview of Homes
  14. Gussie, Karen     Client
  15. Humphrey, Darrell     Silvercreek
  16. Jordan, Patty     Brandt
  17. King, Seth     Title One
  18. Knoeller, Holly   Better Homes & Gardens
  19. Kuzmack, Thorey   Accel
  20. LaBour, Heather     Client
  21. Langley, Angel     Silvercreek
  22. McChristy, Patrick     Silvercreek
  23. McFarland, Don     Re/Max West
  24. Mock, Laurie   Silvercreek
  25. Munson, Mary   Authority
  26. Nielsen, David     Silvercreek
  27. Nussbaum, Gail     Coldwell Banker
  28. Oliver, Julie     Keller Williams
  29. Pitron, Georgie     Better Homes and Gardens
  30. Re, Bill     Silvercreek
  31. Rogan, Joe     Re/Max West
  32. Rogan, Sherry     Re/Max West
  33. Rudolph, Krista     Genesis
  34. Talbert, Pat     Woyak
  35. Thompson, Sean     Silvercreek
  36. Ward, Mikel   Group One
  37. Zehner, Monique   Atova