April 15 Tea Party in Boise

13 04 2010

April 15 Tea Party Rally – 10:30am at Julia Davis Park, 11:30 march to the Capitol.

If you want to participate, here is a parking coupon and a map showing available parking lots:



I plan to be there because I am concerned about the direction our government is heading – I want to show support for what I view as a better way – YES we need:
***Lower taxes to stimulate growth of jobs in the private sector
***Drastic reduction in government spending and a reduction of the Federal Debt
***True reform of Health Care in America that doesn’t move us further toward socialism
***Less government interference in our lives
***Secure borders and fair treatment of legal immigrants
***To Eliminate the immoral practice of “Earmarks.”
***A common sense energy policy that will end our dependence upon foreign oil
***Rewards for working people, rather than those who choose not to work
***A better system to get elected for service in Washington DC
***A complete overhaul of the tax system so that it is fair
***And most importantly, a recognition of the important role that faith in God has played in this great country

Wow! I could go on and on because what is happening right now seems to be just the opposite of all of the above and more! If this resonates with you, I hope to see you on Thursday at the Rally! As citizens who love our country and respect the sacrifice of so many of our youngest and bravest in defense of our freedom, how can we keep silent at this critical time in our nation’s history!




4 responses

21 04 2010
Val Devitt

I am so frustrated by the Left’s constant efforts to label the Tea Party as “Racist”. The issues of the Tea Party have nothing to do with race. Just because we do not like the policies of a President who was voted for by 95% of African Americans does not make us racist. It seems that they – the Left – will do anything to destroy the people’s will to push back against the Socialist movement in Washington. The new USA – Ununited Socialist America

22 04 2010

I was there! You already knew that, didn’t ya? Glad to hear the tennis leason went well. Have a good one. Talk at ya soon.
The story teller

22 04 2010

I enjoyed being there with you! It felt good to celebrate our American heritage together. I treasure Freedom!

11 06 2010
Jan Higginbotham

Jere – Sorry I didn’t see your blog regarding the Tea Party rally in Boise in April until just now. I wanted to participate in your poll, but discovered an unintented bias, so could not. You see, I agree with every single one of your points, but wholeheartedly disagree with your conclusion.

Our federal government is totally out of control, partly because of all the points you have made. However, I believe that our current Administration is doing everything humanly possible to turn it around and make the government accountable to the people once again. Until the Congress hears our plea, we will not see ‘change’.

President Obama is doing a phenominal job…for criminy out loud, there’s about one crisis a day! If you all were really the stalward American citizens you claim to be, you would stop repeating the lies and start paying attention with your support. Jan Higg.

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