June Existing Home Sale Drop 5.1%

23 07 2010

June Existing Home Sale Drop 5.1%
Thursday, July 22, 2010 Fox Business Website

Treasure Valley Real Estate Market – How are we doing In Idaho? The Western Region including Idaho but basically CA since the numbers are so large there was down 9.3%. So the Treasure Valley fared a bit better than that; but here is a more detailed comparison with national numbers.

According to the National Association of Realtors June numbers for RESALE homes in the US:
(This does not include Condos, Townhouses, or New Construction of any kind)

Sales in June were down 5.1% from May
Ada County down 8.2% from May
Canyon County down 4.8% from May
Sales in June were up 9.8% from June 2009
Ada up 4.6%
Canyon up 27.8%

Average Price was up 4.5% from May to $230,900
Ada up 1.6% from May to $186,695
Canyon down 3.5% from May to $111,462

Average Price was up 1.4% from June 2009
Ada down 10.7%
Canyon down 17.0%

Median Price was up 5.2% from May to $183,700
Ada up 4.2% to $159,900
Canyon up 3.0% to $97,750
Median Price was up 1.0% from June 2009
Ada down 8.6%
Canyon down 12.4%

Conclusion: Canyon County lower price point has generated more sales in terms of units. There are regions of the country doing much better than Ada & Canyon right now; but in the West we are holding our own.




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