Boise Home Prices – 3. . . 4. . . 6!

28 03 2012

These are important numbers for anyone interested in Ada County real estate. Here is what they mean: In January the median sales price of a resale home was up 3% over January 2011. A gain, that is a good thing!

In February the Year to date Median was up 4% over 2011. Even better!

Now in March, checking it today just prior to the month’s ending the news is even better! The median sales price year to date is now up 6% in 2012 over 2011. So the national predictions that I have read recently predicting a 4-6% gain in 2012 may well be exceeded!

Why? A combination of two things happening right now here in the Treasure Valley. First there is an extremely low inventory of available homes for sale. Secondly, demand is increasing every year for the last 3 years. Look around at all of the new commercial construction. . . Eagle road, Chinden, Downtown +++ Things are popping.

Buyers are starting to get the message and are moving off the fence. One year from now the home that costs 185 could be close to 200!




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