Testimonials from Realtors regarding Webb Charts and 9X

27 02 2013

“Great information!  The numbers (historical) are so important to understanding future direction.  Jere explained the data mining and analysis so well it empowered me with true confidence heading into our 2015 market.  And it provided me with a better way to understand what the data means.  Thank you!”  Leslie Wright, Keller Williams

“I tried 9X on my own on another listing this evening and it worked great. I love the 9x and am so glad that I signed up. Great program and the tutoring is unparalleled. The charts class was tremendously beneficial. I will definitely not miss any in the future. The demonstrations that were given on application of the charts was extremely helpful. The value to our clients and the impression it makes is certainly worth the minor cost to be a part of your program. I have been in the building and real estate business since 1973 and this is definitely one of the best things I have been exposed to. The tools to identify niches for your builders and investors while allowing them to participate in the analysis are great. This service would have meant a lot to me had it been offered by my Realtors when I was building homes. I am definitely a fan. Thanks so much for going to the effort and sharing it with us all. I am already addicted.”  Reg Dobbs, Re/Max Executives

“Great Class!  Charts are very useful and I’m excited to use them as I present myself to clients as an “expert” in the market.”  David Nielsen, Silvercreek
I used the charts in a recent listing presentation.  My clients were amazed at how the market had changed.  It gave me leverage to present realistic expectations to my clients.  Loved it!”  Faye Delbridge, Trust Realty
“This class provides perspective on OUR market.  We have been attending these classes for years and always tkae home something new.  It is about professionalism and how to take advantage of the data to operate successfully in today’s dynamic environment.  Old guys learning new tricks!”  Joe Rogan, Re/Max West
“If you want to really understand market statistics – Jere’s class puts them into perspective.”  Charlene Bragg, Group One
“Very honest information, such attention to detail.”  Wendy Northcutt, Wendy Works Realty
“Try being a carpenter without your tools!  You could show up in your shiny truck and talk a good talk but when the rubber meets the road, you are sunk!  As a professional for 19 years in the real estate industry, I could not tell my clients the facts without the help of Webb Charts.  You have to know the statistics!”  Laurie Burchfield, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group
“Jere, as one of your original subscribers, I want to thank you for the Webb Charts. I tell all of my agents how important it is to subscribe to your charts, I don’t know how a Realtor can call themselves a professional if they don’t provide their clients with the most accurate and current information available and your Webb Charts does that. Keep up the great work.”  Terry Torrence, Manager, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group
“I’ve been a subscriber to the Webb Charts since October 2007 and find them very useful.  They have really come in handy during the past couple months because they give you the ability to go ahead and show the seller’s how the market is trending; i.e. the median prices of homes in this market are declining.  When they visually see this, they are more likely to price the home at a competitive price that will get it shown and sold in a reasonable period of time.  Since subscribing to The Webb Charts, I have investigated other charting services that focus on the Treasure Valley market. I have found they are much less complete, much older data (at least one month older information, making them recent history, not timely information), and they don’t graphically show the market trends to the degree Webb Charts do. There is “Doing just enough to get by” and “Doing it right”. The Webb charts do it right.  I sincerely believe that any professional agent should have this tool available at their fingertips.”  Don McFarland, Broker/Owner, ReMax West
“Webb Charts are one of the best tools I have for analyzing and anticipating market trends.  Our agents are able to better facilitate pricing listings and our builder/developer clientele are always asking what is new on the Webb Charts.”  Larry Laraway, Broker, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group

“I wanted to thank you for the great class this morning.  From a market outlook, it’s nice to see that TitleOne is predicting similar stats for 2012.  I believe the first half of 2012 will be stronger simply because of the refinance market, however we agree we’re at the bottom and going to bump along.  Your affordability index chart is good information that I intend to share with our leadership team, just some good information to have in your hip pocket.  You have done a tremendous job providing valuable information and presenting in a fashion for “all” eyes.   I look forward to your class in July.”  Vicki White VP/Treasure Valley Manager TitleOne Corporation

“The class was fantastic.  I can say without hesitation, that trying to do residential real estate in SW Idaho without your charts at their fingertips is akin to tying to navigate rush hour traffic in Braille.  Ya can’t get there from here!!!”   Joe Rohner, IdahoJoe Realty

“Jere Webb’s Charts are the best investment I make, because I’m investing in my knowledge.”  Liz Alexander, John L. Scott

“Very informative and gives a realistic analysis of real estate in the Treasure Valley.  Without this info, a Realtor is at the mercy of the limited stats from Paragon and the media.”  Faye Delbridge, Trust Realty

“We work in a field that is never static, so it is key to have reliable date – shown in different ways – to give our clients.”  Louise Auchampach, Idaho Properties

“Jere puts the market into an understandable perspective.  This class should be mandatory for all real estate professionals, lenders and appraisers included.  We all leave this class with valuable and useful information.”  Joe Rogan, ReMax West

“Jere’s charts enable me to explain data that I have thought but can’t get someone who doesn’t know me to believe!”  Sherry Rogan, ReMax West

“This class puts to paper the sense I’ve had about the market.  It confirms the writing on the wall for me!”  Eric Bracht, Siolvercreek

“Great information!  Forces you to look at the facts.  Very interesting.  I will use this information to help my clients.”  Cindy Sawyers, Re/Max Capital City

“1st time in class – I feel it is important to stay up in such a fast changing market.  Jere provided the information I have been looking for to be a competitive Realtor.  Thank you!”  Ann Moffat, Eagle Rock Properties

“Love your class!”  Des Hughes, Silvercreek

“I really enjoyed your chart class.  For pragmatic knowledge to take to my clients, your class definitely delivered.  I never thought I would be riveted by a class on statistics, but I was!  The charts are precisely what I need to guide my buyers & sellers to make the best possible choices in this market.  I’m a fan now & I can’t wait for the next class to see how far the mighty ship has turned.”  Ann Sabala,  John L. Scott

“Great class.  I have used information from it with several clients already.  Thank you for this service.  It has really added professionalism to my real estate practice.  It is so much better than extrapolating from my personal experience and talking with other agents, and trying to guess what is true from news articles.”  Bryan Richter, Group One

“Great job, Jere…I am such a believer in using charts to help ourselves and our clients work through our shifting market.  Don’t we know it is shifting daily and important to stay on top of this?  I signed up with you about 5 months ago and just attended my first class.  Wow….I was pushed out of my comfort zone and came out “comfortable”.  I want to thank you for the time, talent and energy you are giving to your fellow Realtors(r).  You are greatly appreciated.”  Gail Hartnett , Keller Williams 2008-09 NAR Executive Committee, 2007 State President Idaho Assoc. of REALTORS(R), 2006 National President Women’s Council of REALTORS(R)

“Jere Webb’s “Webb Charts” have been invaluable to me.  I am not a numbers person, myself.  So when I go for a listing interview, it gives me immeasurable confidence to have these statistics to back me up.  If I am speaking with someone else who doesn’t love numbers, my favorite feature is the introductory comment (the “Inside Scoop”) Jere provides.  He actually interprets all those figures so anyone can understand them!”   Rebecca Compton, Associate Broker, Coldwell Banker

“For a reasonable investment Jere does the number crunching for those willing to educate themselves.  He even compiles charts and graphs that are very easy to understand and communicate/share with clients.  This assists agents to be true market experts.  With Webb Charts agents have the numbers to back up what they see and feel about the marketplace.  It also gives them a tool to combat wrong information that may be clouding client judgment (both buyers and sellers) when they give advice.   It is easy to tell a seller to lower their price when a property has not sold; but it feels better to show the client exactly why. Webb Charts make delivering complete market information easy and fun.  This is just what agents need.  I have attended Jere’s class and the only thing missing at this point is an additional hour which will allow him to cover the material more comprehensively and insert the few additional items that will bring the class to an even higher level of professionalism.  Jere’s quest to educate agents who in turn can educate their clients is spectacular.”  Shaun Tracy, Associate Broker, RE/MAX Capital City

“I have been a subscriber to Webb Charts for just over a year and have attended 3 of Jere’s training sessions. As the market has evolved, so has the content of Jere’s classes. We all are aware this market is anything but static. Ergo, the material has needed to expand to keep up with the challenges we face in this current, severe market. By being fully versed in the content of these charts, I am better able to explain the actual market conditions (unlike the hyped hysteria spewed by the mainstream media) to the public, so that they can make informed decisions. This material is an excellent tool has proven to be a real Godsend.  Realistically, we could easily spend 6 – 8 hours explaining all the information and recaps contained in the charts, . . . As the content expands and updates, so should training.”  Don McFarland, Designated Broker, RE/MAX West

“Just a short note to let you know how much Joan and I enjoy your chart classes.  The information, data and presentation are first class.  I use your charts to help my clients all the time.  This information should be required for anybody looking to buy or sell a home.  In our market, this data and information is critical to making good decisions.  Please continue to provide this service to us as Realtors.”  Doug and Joan Johnston, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group

“The information truly gives agents taking the class a pulse on what is happening to our area as well as updating us to the very present market. These charts are very informative in many ways. The detail breakdown of categories that are sectioned out make it very clear on each segment of the market and show us the many ways the market is heading and acting. You walk away presently informed with a tool to be used that can give clients insight to our market conditions and where they can look for the best deal if they are looking for that great buy.  This information helps us in a secondary way too.  We can take the information on our present market and compare it to other outside state markets and be able to compare and see how those markets will be affecting our market. This can help us understand where we need to be positioning our selves in our business as well as being ready for that out-of-state buyer or investor.“  Peggy Jordan, Group One

“Jere, Thank you for holding classes on the Market Charts.  It has been very beneficial and valuable to me and my clients.  This has been a great professional tool when talking to Buyers and Sellers in educating them on the current market.  I appreciate all your work and efforts.  Please keep up the good work.”  Pat Waller, Associate Broker, Coldwell Banker – Tomlinson Group

“Jere, your class is always very informative. The class and the charts make our specific data take on more relevance from the narrow perspective of the related property and its comps to the market at large and MLS Areas.  By using the total data approach, it assist in helping the clients, be they buyers or sellers; to be  able to see more clearly the realities of the current market trends.  Thereby, the client is able to make more well-informed and rational decisions–whether in the current volatile market or any market conditions.”  Bonnie & Kevin O’Hara, Realtors, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group

“Expanding Webb Charts class to 4 hours would be very beneficial for us “practicing” agents.”  Rick Thurber, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group

“Jere-Your class was fantastic!  Loaded with great insight about our ever-changing market.  It has helped me in my dealings with prospects I have met, and in discussing the state of the market with my current clients.  Thank you!”  Pohley Richey, Realtor, Homeland Realty

“As a former certified instructor I see that many agents enter the business of selling real estate but do not take the job seriously when it comes to being able to report market numbers to their clients.  Part of this failure is due to the overwhelming time it takes to compile statistics in a vibrant and easily communicable way that can be relayed in layman terms.  It is also the fact that many people simply do not possess the math skills to figure out how to compile this information.  This class is informative and educational.  Jere is an engaging speaker and does well to keep the class interactive and interesting.”  Tami McHugh, CPA, Broker/Owner, Heritage Real Estate

“Jere Webb’s charts are awesome!  They have helped my business tremendously.”   Jeff Christianson, Associate Broker, Re/Max Capital City

“I have taken many Real Estate classes but only a few of those classes have directly assisted me in improving my ability to educate my clients on current housing conditions. The material that Mr. Webb provides in his class is very useful and has enabled me to understand the dynamics and trends of the real estate market in both Ada and Canyon County which is extremely important to my business. Because of the material covered in His class, I am better able to represent my clients. In fact, I would argue that his class is critical to my success. Though, getting through all the material in three hours proved challenging, all the time spent in Mr. Webb’s Charting class was well worth it.”  Curtis Thaden, Mountain Realty

“In the current market it is vital to have the FACTS!  Jere Webb’s charts provide those facts and lend credibility to a listing presentation.  To present yourself as a professional in touch with the market you need to take Jere’s class and subscribe to receive his monthly charts.”  Chet Pipkin, Broker, Downs Realty

“I have always been a proponent of knowing your stats, both personally and market wise. Knowing what the market is doing statistically not only helps us know the trends of our business, but gives us confidence and helps us be knowledgeable and professional. In the end what we may ‘feel’ about how the market is doing may have little bearing in what it is actually doing. Statistics and numbers are the true indicators of market activity and trends. Webb Charts is a superior source of vital market statistics. Jere does all the legwork and allows us to use his efforts to maximize our effectiveness.”  Mike Gamblin, Broker/Owner, Mike Gamblin Real Estate

“No matter what industry you’re in, data is king. In real estate if you don’t know what the market is doing, how much inventory there is, how many are selling and have a format that is easy to present, you’re not going to be successful.  If you’re not using Webb Charts it would be like the Broncos trying to win a football game without their play Book.”  Terry Torrence – Broker/Manager, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group

“Webb Charts have changed my business!  It’s great to have an accurate, reliable source of information that allows me to educate myself, my clients, and the public on what’s really going on in the real estate world.  Plus they are a great tool to “fight” the media’s dramatic and inaccurate real estate reporting.  They are an absolute must-have!”   Burma Naylor, Realtor/Co-Owner, Mountain Realty

“I am in my second year subscribing to Webb Charts and they have become a very important part of my business.  I rely on Jere’s statistics to prepare my reporting about the market to developers and builders.  I also incorporate some of Jere’s statistics into my farming plans and sphere mailings.”  Janeen Sanchez, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“I have heard from many that there is data that is ‘free’ from their title companies & that we can get the information for ourselves off the MLS system.  I have a Marketing degree with a statistics emphasis and a strong understanding of Excel so I could create these reports myself.  However, obtaining accurate historical information would be difficult if not impossible (Webb Charts have several years of data).  And an even bigger question is, ‘would it be worth my time to create these reports?’  I know that once the original templates & macros are written it would still require some time & commitment to consistently get the data.  Also, when there is questionable data would I recognize it and follow-up to correct it like Jere does?  I question the wisdom in recreating the wheel, when I can subscribe to the Webb Charts.”  Gail Nussbaum, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“The Webb Charts have been a great asset in my business over the last five years.  They paint a clear picture for my clients which helps give me an edge when competing for business.  Without the charts, it would be like shooting from the hip and/or guessing, which is not professional.”  Michael Simis, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“I have found Jere’s Webb Charts to be invaluable in the operation of my business.  I use them with both Buyers and Sellers to assist them in understanding our local market and how it affects them personally.  We are constantly bombarded by the media with information that may not pertain to our market; the Webb Charts provide the ammo necessary to combat that.  The information is concise, current and in a format that is easy to present.”Bill Re, Silvercreek

“I have had the charts less than a week and I find myself sharing information from them constantly.  Keep up the good work!”  Ron Minegar, Broker/Owner Ron Minegar Real Estate




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