8 10 2013

SEPTEMBER 2013 Inside Scoop – Ada County

If you like to keep score 3vs. 16:o(
(I am only counting an item as “Positive” if the first part is in bold)
Positive News in inBold

1.  Sales are down 14% from last month, and 23% up from this same month last year.  Chart A3  Is the market slowing?  That is what everyone is wondering?  Looking at the comparisons to the same month last year the numbers for this year are: -6%, 4%, 8%, 9%, 35%, 19%, 40%, 15% and now 23% this month.

2.  Pending sales are down 12% from last month,and are down 13% from a year ago. Chart A47, A48, & A49.  This IS concerning.
3.  Distressed sales were down this month.  Short Sales were 5% of the total sales this month.  Record high 01/12 23%.  REO sales were 3%.  Record High 12/10 at 40%. That makes 9% of the sales “distressed” this month. (with rounding)  Record high was 12/10 at 61%.  This is the “healthiest market month” since February of 2008!  Chart A42
6.  Year to date sales units UP – 18% more units than a year ago Chart A4.  The year to date dollar volume is 37% higher this year.  That spreads points to the approximately 19% price increase that there has been over the last year!  Chart A6.  
18.  Final Sales Discount is up.  From the last asking price to final sales price, 1.6% from 1.1% last month.  Record low – 06/13 .6%.  Last year at this time it was 1.0%.  Chart 43
19.  Future Business Forecast is below 100%.  A54.  82%  – so closings next month should be down from this month’s level.  Last year at this time it was 88%.
For a complete version of the “Inside Scoop” call Jere Webb @ 208.861.2222



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