January 15, 2020 Analytics Chart Class Registration (Title One in Meridian – 1940 S Bonito Way 12-3pm Lunch included)

1 12 2019
  1. Blanco, Yuri      RE/Max Executives
  2. Brown, Tami     Silvercreek
  3. Bruner, Kyle     ReMax Executives
  4. Burchfield, Darrell      Downs
  5. Burchfield, Laurie      Downs
  6. Burchfield, Vicki     Silvercreek
  7. Burns, Misty     Silvercreek
  8. Burroughs, Tim      ReMax Executives
  9. Busby, Al     Coldwell Banker
  10. Childs, Sasha     Silvercreek
  11. Christianson, Jeff     G2
  12. Crace, Isaac     Top Idaho
  13. Delbridge, Faye     Trust
  14. Downs, Debi     Downs
  15. Edwards, David     Keller Williams
  16. Ellis, Karen     Coldwell Banker
  17. Emery, John     Silvercreek
  18. Enrico, Andy     Enrico
  19. Filbert, Natalie     Mountain
  20. Hancock, Deanna     Genesis
  21. Harrison, Brandon     Silvercreek
  22. Humphrey, Darrell     Silvercreek
  23. McCauley, Todd     C21 Eagle Rock
  24. McFarland, Don     ReMax Executives
  25. Meikle, Bob     Meikle Land Development
  26. Nielsen, David     Silvercreek
  27. Nussbaum, Gail      Coldwell Banker Tomlinson
  28. Re, Bill      Silvercreek
  29. Rudolph, Krista     Genesis
  30. Schultz, Bill     Schultz Appraisal
  31. Torelli, Guy     Torelli
  32. Vreeland, Georgia     Idaho RE Associates
  33. Webb, Julene     Group One



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