BOOM OR BUST? What is just ahead of the Treasure Valley Real Estate Market?

19 05 2021

July 19, 2021 at the Nampa Title One Conference room we will be looking at a large number of indicators that will help to answer this very important question that our clients are asking! The introductory Class “Stats 101” starts at 10am and is FREE to anyone. The Analytics Class starts with lunch at 12 Noon and will go until approximately 3pm. Tuition Cost is $50 except for current Webb Chart Subscribers – then it is FREE. Enroll online at


July 25, 2018 “Stats 101” Class at Title One in Meridian. 12:30pm – 1:45pm (Updated 071818)

6 06 2018
  1. Alexander, Liz   John L Scott
  2. Blanco, Yuri     ReMax Executives
  3. Brown, Michael     Available
  4. Bruner, Kyle     RE?MAX West
  5. Burroughs, Tim     EXP
  6. Caporale, Steven     Accel
  7. Cronin, Christie     Homes of Idaho
  8. Curry, Andy     Coldwell Banker
  9. DiMattio, Ricky     Woyak
  10. Dodge, Tressa     Woodhouse
  11. Hancock, Deanna     Genesis
  12. Hinck, Brent     Silvercreek
  13. Pyles, Ward   Homes of Idaho
  14. Rudolph, Krista     Genesis
  15. Sandovol, Marivelle     Homes of Idaho
  16. Smith, Sheila     RE/MAX Capital City
  17. Trimble, Judy   Woodhouse Group
  18. Vargas, Savy   SRG
  19. Weber, Jonna     Silvercreek
  20. Welch, Michelle   John L Scott
  21. Yahr, Denver     Trust
  22. Zweigle, Jason     Silvercreek
  23. Zweigle, Krisy     Silvercreek

Webb Chart Classes – January 17, 2018

6 12 2017

Wednesday, January 17 Chart Classes at Title One in Meridian.

12:30pm – Stats 101 – NOT for experienced Chart users – Free to all

2-4pm – Regular Chart Class – “A Quick Look at 2017 in Perspective – and Planning for 2018” – Tuition $50 FREE for Chart Subscribers

Reserve your spot at

Treasure Valley Market News

13 09 2016

AUGUST 2016 Inside Scoop – Ada County
1. Sales are down 4% from last month, 20% up from this same month last year. Chart A3

2. Pending sales are down 4% from last month, up 25% from a year ago. So exactly the same as a month ago – Pendings still showing strength compared to last year. Chart A47, A48, & A49.

6. Year to date sales units up 14% from a year ago Chart A4. The year to date dollar volume is 21% higher this year. Remember our 7/21 class “mid year price projection!” So keep watching this spread – it is at 7% now. Chart A6.

11. Inventory is DOWN 2% from last month and 11% lower than last year at this time. This is a very significant number. Watch this, if it stays this much below last year’s levels price increases will heat up even more. Right now I am projecting a 6.5% increase in Median Resale Equity Pricing for 2016 compared to 2015. Eagle will double that! Charts A16 & A17

AUGUST 2016 Inside Scoop – Canyon County

1. Sales are UP 9% from last month. Comparing this month to the same month last year there is a 9% increase. Chart C3

2. Pending sales are down 4% from last month. UP 23% from this same month last year. Chart C47, C48, & C49.

6. Year to Date Sales Units up for 2016. 13% cumulative Year to date. Year to date dollar volume is 26% higher. Chart C4. This will be the year for big price increases in Canyon County as more and more buyers are headed west out of Ada to find affordable housing.

11. Inventory is down 1% from last month; and 17% lower than last year at this time. Here come higher prices! Charts C16 & C17

WIN MORE LISTINGS – USE MARKET STATS – 2pm Feb 10, 2016, Title One Meridian (1pm “Statistics 101″- New Users ONLY)”

13 01 2016

Current Registration List: (Updated 2.1.16)

Alberda, Tim – Id Properties

Bassett, Karla – Front Street

Baughman, Kealy – Trail 27

Berumen, Ernest – Silvercreek

Bright, Tom – Smith & Coelho

Bruner, Kyle – ReMax West

Burchfield, Darrell – Downs

Burchfield, Laurie – Downs

Busby, Al – Coldwell Banker

Conklin, Mike – ReMax of Boise

Conklin, Tracy  – Better Homes

Cunningham, Sarah – Group One

Davis, Jason – Keller Williams

Delbridge, Faye – Trust

Dobbs, Reg – ReMax Executives

Dodds, Lonnie – Gold Key

Dubie, Patti – Woodhouse

Enrico, Andy – Enrico

Hartnett, Heidi – Front Street

Humphrey, Darrell – Idaho Real Estate

Ipaye, Linda – Real Estate Shop

Kelly, Louise – Keller Williams

Kevan, Meg – Silvercreek

Nielsen, David – Silvercreek

Nussbaum, Gail – Coldwell Banker

OHara, Bonnie – Coldwell Banker

OHara, Kevin – Coldwell Banker

Oliver, Julie – Keller Williams

Re, Bill – Silvercreek

Rogan, Sherry – Re/Max West

Schlomer, Linda – Amherst Madison

Stevens, Kelley – Dream Life

Talbert, Pat – Woyak

Weissinger, Kim – Silvercreek

West, John – West

Yorgason, Dave – Coldwell Banker

WIN MORE LISTINGS – USE MARKET STATS – 2pm July 14, 2015, Title One Meridian 1pm “Statistics 101”

24 07 2014


Bruner, Kyle   Re/Max West

Burchfield, Darrell   Downs

Burchfield, Laurie   Downs

Caddy Bill   Todays Real Estate

Dobbs, Reg  Re/Max Executives

Enrico, Andy  Enrico

Hartnett Heidi

Haro Cindilee  Keller Williams

Ipaye, Linda  Idaho Realestate

Jordan Peggy

McCauley, Todd   Eagle Rock Properties

Newell, Michelle   Silvercreek

Northcut, Wendy   Wendy Works

Olguin Jennifer   Silvercreek

O’Hara, Bonnie   Coldwell Banker

O’Hara, Kevin   Coldwell Banker

Ouwehand Guy   Syringa

Poulsen, Cindy   Boise Premiere

Re, Bill   Silvercreek

Rehkubg Juany  Syme Real Estate

Richards, Lydia   Richards

Rogan, Joe   Re/Max West

Rogan, Sherry Re/Max

Taylor Scott

Thibadeau, Bill



Treasure Valley New Construction

19 06 2014

Here is a link to an article by Zach Kyle in the Statesman 6/18/14. I worked with him on parts of this:


Chart Class Reservations – Wed. 7/16/14 at 1pm at Title One in Meridian

7 01 2014

Alexander, Jim   John L. Scott

Alexander, Liz     John L Scott

Ames, MG     Coldwell Banker

Asinelli, Elda     Silvercreek

Berumen, Ernesto   Silvercreek

Brecht, George     Silvercreek

Brecht, Linda     Silvercreek

Broxson, Melissa   Silvercreek

Bruner, Kyle     Re/Max West

Burchfield, Laurie     Downs

Burns, Misty     Silvercreek

Busby, Al     Coldwell Banker

Cady, Bill     Today’s

Cedillo, Peggy   Atova

Covault, Mary   Silvercreek

Dobbs, Reg     Re/Max Executives

Enrico, Andy     Andy Enrico

Hendricksen, Guy     Coldwell Banker

Hollenbeck, Karen   Silvercreek

Hyde, David   Windermere

Ipaye, Linda     RE Shop

Jensen, Eric     Idaho Smart Agents

McFarland, Don     Re/Max West

Neal, Seth     Silvercreek

O’Hara, Bonnie     Coldwell Banker

O’Hara, Kevin   Coldwell Banker

Pittman, Shawn     Eagle

Re, Bill     Silvercreek

Richter, Bryan     Group One

Rogan, Joe     Re/Max West

Strate, Gene     Keller Williams

Thibadeau, Bill   Todays RE Group

Yorgason, Dave     Coldwell Banker



6 03 2013
Alexander, Liz   John L. Scott
Ames, MG   Coldwell Banker
Borgman, Russ   Coldwell Banker
Borgman, Sunny   Coldwell Banker
Bragg, Charlene   Group One
Burchfield, Darrell   Coldwell Banker
Burchfield, Laurie     Coldwell Banker
Busby, Al    Coldwell Banker
Coulter, Marcia   Coldwell Banker
Covault, Mary   Silvercreek
Crace, Judit   Boise Premier
Delbridge, Faye   Trust
Dobbs, Reg   Coldwell Banker
Downs, Debi   Downs
Ellis, Karen   Coldwell Banker
Enrico, Andy     Andy Enrico
Evans, Rhenda     Coldwell Banker
Fackler, Al     Silvercreek
Free, Scott   Brandt
Hendricksen, Guy     Coldwell Banker
Hill, Lee   Group One
Hudson, Paul   coldwell Banker
Ipaye, Linda   Real Estate Shop
Jantzsch, Darren   Silvercreek
Knight, Tom   Coldwell Banker
Larsen, Rick   Keller Williams
McCauley, Todd   Eagle Rock Properties
McDonough, Lonni     Coldwell Banker
Nielsen, David   Silvercreek
O’Hara, Bonnie     Coldwell Banker
O’Hara, Kevin   Coldwell Banker
Pipkin, Chet   Downs
Purvis, Jim   John L. Scott
Re, Bill     Silvercreek
Reed, Kathleen   Coldwell Banker
Rogan, Joe   ReMax
Rogan, Sherry   ReMax
Roper, Bill   Idaho Properties
Stiehl, Georgia   Silvercreek
Thurber, Rick   Coldwell Banker
Tracy, Shaun     ReMax of Boise
Whalen, Adrianne Coldwell Banker
Yorgason, Dave   Coldwell Banker
“7X Pricing and Marketing System” What is it?
“7X Pricing & Marketing System” – copyright ©  2012 Jere Webb
This Marketing Template utilizes all 7 “Cross fixes” and is available to agents for $299 if you sign in blood not to share it with anyone else!!!  The $299 also includes training.  Thanks to Guy Hendrickson and Misty Burns for helping me to “automate” input from Paragon for this!
Obviously it is only for current chart subscribers since it extensively utilizes chart data.  You can subscribe online with your current Webb Chart password at

Rental Property Application

4 12 2012

New Tenant Application
If you are interested in a home that I own or one that I am managing for a client, please fill out this application and fax it to 208.331.6888 or scan and email to me at No application fee required. :o)  Jere Webb  My phone is 208.861.2222 if you have any questions.