8 06 2011

The Median price for all homes sold in Ada County Idaho was up 6% in May over the prior month. New Construction was up 11% and Resale 5%.

The price bottom for Resale Homes continues to hold at 1/11 Р$126,500. Since then there have been 4 straight months of higher Median prices with May coming in at $135,550. This is 7% higher then the January bottom.

A12 – Ada County Monthly Resale MEDIAN Sales Price

New Construction median pricing has increased dramatically since the close of the “First time homebuyer tax credit” in June of 2010. Since that “bottom” ($156,181) there have been 11 months consistently higher. May 2011 at $223,556 is the highest yet.

Comparing May of 2011 to the same month in 2010 when the tax credit was still in effect:  New Construction median pricing is up 41% and Resale is down 12%.