January 2017 Real Estate Charts – Treasure Valley Idaho

7 02 2017
4 New Canyon County Charts.  In response to Al Busby’s request you will now find a pricing breakdown for New Construction Average Price & Median; as well as Resale of the same for Canyon.  This should be a great benefit if you do business in Canyon County.
A39L = Long View of Affordability.  I put this one in knowing that the data can’t be precisely read; but it does give clients a picture of “Affordability” from the peak of the bubble to the present time which is an excellent perspective.  When I have more time I plan to manually eliminate a lot of the overlapping data point labels and just show peaks and valleys.  Look for that in “future improvements.”  Please consider this one just a very “rough draft.”
Note: Major change in Ada Affordability Charts for January 2017.  I found Government Census information that confirms what we thought in class – Ada Median Household Income has NOT continued up 3%/year since the last official census.  Even this data through January 2015 is still only an “educated guess” by the census department and may be adjusted later.  But it is certainly more in keeping with what we are all feeling.  So in keeping with this data my “interpolations” for the last two years reflect this new data and it does make a significant difference as you can see by about 6-7%!
Mark the date: July 12 next Chart Classes at Title One in Meridian.  Thank you Laurie Burchfield for the Demo at Stats 101.  In the future I would like to have her play an even bigger role in teaching our Chart Classes.  Remember she IS the “Instigator!”  :o)



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